Company's History

After working as an engineer for years at the company Georg Reisse in Kassel in Fortstfeldstrasse 5, Martin Rose founded the correspondend track construction company. He ran the company till his death in 1967. In this time the first high end tools was acquired. The company mostly worked for Deutsche Bahn in the Republic of Germany. The head office was in the Burgfeldstrasse and the storage area in the Backmeisterweg near the trainstation Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel.

Martin Roses sons, Horst and Erhard Rose, ran the company together till 1974. After that, Horst Rose ran the company by his own and the head office moved to the Rammelsbergstraße in Kassel. In this period the company worked on a newly builded track between Hannover and Würzburg and also on the new train station Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel and many complex track switches and renovations of train stations.

In 1983 Jens Rose, Horst Roses son, joined the company. Also the company expanded by the business segments privat- and tramways. Since Horst Roses death, Jens Rose has run the company by his own. In 2014 the company moved back to the point where Martin Rose got his knowledge one day. Today the office and the building yard are situated in Forstfeldstrasse 5 in Kassel.

Till today the company can look back proudly on an eventful past. With the company many people are connected, also many memories. The families Fölsch and Cerimovic are part of the company in second generation. This shows the connection and responsibility, which is more than work. With a modern machinery and engaged employees we can keep up with the standards of modern track construction projects.