Deutsche Bahn

The extensive renovation of the railroad-track Flöhrsheim - Hochheim was neccessary because of the hang location on the vineyards near the City of Hochheim. The embankment expends parallel to the Main river, therefore it was set out to movements in the underground. That´s why the trains were only able to drive 50km/h in parts, for safety reasons.
To change this, the embankment was replaced for a distance of 1230 meters and supporting walls were set over a length of 980 meters. Furthermore three new underpasses for passengers and bicycles were set up.

Cost: 16 Mill Euro

The demanding replacement oft he railway bridge over the motorway A10 near Michendorf resulted in a 20 days long closing of the rail traffic. Due to this the building site was characterized by an enormous pressure of time. All trades had to work hand in hand to remove the old railway embankment and to put the two new bridge sections, which were pre-constructed, on the right position. In the end the feat was successful without any affect on the traffic on the neighbouring motorways.

The Martin Rose GmbH & Co. KG was involved in the construction project as a sub-provider in the time of 2017 until 2019.

Cost: 2,6 Mill Euro


Renovation of the tram track triangle at the town hall crossing, one of the most cruised triangles in Kassel. Every day almost 1.000 trams drive over the triangle, therefore the renovation of the tracks was urgently required after 20 years. 50 employees of the Martin Rose GmbH were in use at the construction site. One of the special features of this site, was the use of specially manufactured tracks and triplet tracks. The trams have to be able to drive in all directions. With triple tracks this is possible.

Cost: 2,5 Mill Euro

At the Friedrich-Ebert Street in Kassel arrises an avenue. For a distance of round about 800 meters between Ständeplatz and Goethe-Street the tram tracks, the track bed and the riding surface was replaced. At this site 6.500 cubic meters of ground was excavated and removed. For the new foundation oft he tram tracks 8.000 tons of gravel were transported and for the new road 12.000 square meters were asphalted.

Cost: 15 Mill Euro

Industrial or private railway

Within a tough timeline 2.700 sleepers were changed for the Hessische Landesbahn. With the help of a tamping machine all tracks be used right away

For Volkswagen in Baunatal a special weighbridge was installed in 2016. With the help of the weighbridge single wagons can be weighed on the tracks

Narrow-gauge railway

For the Braunschweiger Verkehrs AG the Martin Rose GmbH & Co. KG delivers yearly maintenance including the change of switches and renewing a railway crossing.

In 2017 the Martin Rose GmbH & Co. KG did a complete track renewal including y-switches.

Contract volume: 700.000 €

For the Stadtbahn Bielefeld a complete track and switch renewal was done for their 1000 mm track. In addition a train station was redesigned.


  • 3x Liebherr 922 Rail (also usable with 1000mm tracks and equipped with diesel particle filters)
  • 4x Liebehrr A 900 C ZW (one is also usable with 1000mm tracks)
  • 2x Liebherr A 900 C ZW
All excavators can be used for 1000 mm or 1100 mm tracks.

  • 3x Komatsu Gummikettenbagger 14 to.
  • 1x Komatsu Gummikettenbagger 8,5 to.
  • 2x Komatsu Gummikettenbaggern 5.5 to.
  • 1x Komatsu Radbagger 15 to.
  • 1x Komatsu Gummikettenbagger special version to build train platforms
All excavators are equipped with diesel particle filters.

  • 1x Komatsu WA 70 (with 4 in 1 shovel and diesel particle filter)
  • 1x Atlas AR 65
  • 1x Atlas AR 65 S
  • 1x Komatsu Skip Loader 510 special version to build train platforms

  • 2x for 1435 mm tracks
  • 1x for 1000 mm tracks
  • 1x for 1435mm or 1000 mm tracks with muli functional platform and tip functionality in three way. Can be attached to a Dual purpose excavator.
All transport units come with access ramp and transport container.

  • 2x Schwellenwechsler
  • 2x Hydraulische Vibrationsrammen
  • 1x Spezialverdichter für Schwellenfächer
  • 1x Gleisschottersauger
  • 1x Schotterschiebschild
  • 1x Schotterbesen spez. für den Zweiwegebaggerbetrieb
  • 3x Spezialabrollcontainer zum Materialtransport
  • 2x Abrollcontainer zum Schüttguttransport
  • 1x Minima Stopfeinheit II
  • 1x Schotterreinungseinheit GTS II
  • 1x Windhoff AST 8 UW
  • 1x Kinshofer RST 03 (Umbaubar auf 1000 mm) Stopfaggregat
  • 4x Abbruchammer für Bagger (15 to., 8,5 to. und 5,5 to.)
  • 1x Schwellenverladegerät für Holz- und Betonschwellen 2.60m
  • 1x Schwellenverladegerät für Holz- und Betonschwellen 2.10m - 2.60m
  • 1x Mulcher für Bagger 20to.
  • 2x Heberichtmaschine
  • Our machine park contains different machinery for track construction and excavation work.

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