Welcome to the Martin Rose Gleisbau company

Track and civil engineering specific work

- Any kind of track construction work
- Setting up switches
- Reconstruction wagons, building sites and roadbed cleaning
- Drainage
- Special formation improvements
- Universal tamping machine (tracks and switches) building sites
- Production of tracks surrounded by grass
- Track work over
- Track cleaning
- Installation of silent tracks/innovative tram systems
- Track laying on permeable to water base course
- Positioning of U-canals
- Platform works
- Crossings (every kind) Installation of bridges
- Drainage construction

Transport services

- Logistics of rail-mounted building sites
- Transportation of construction machinery
- Disposal and recycling of building materials

Pile works

- Securing ballast

Concrete work

- Sheathing work , Reinforcement work
- Manufacturing of concrete parts
- Concrete redevelopment
- Bridge reconstruction according to SIB


- Levelling of roads leading to and from crossings
- Construction of overpasses
- Drainage
- Drainage gutters
- Manhole construction
- Cable laying work
- Production of bituminous base layers and surface courses
- Milling work

Clearing work

- Removal of earth
- Back-cutting of slope
- Back-cutting in track vicinity
- Use of two-way choppers

Paving work

- Any kind of paving work in track vicinity
- Platforms and stops
- Front areas of train stations
- Natural stone and concrete block paving
- Shifting of kerbstones and concrete angle elements
- Special pavements from the Fröhlich company
- Platform edges

Special services

- Immediate measures in cases of damage
- Rehabilitation of sleepers with plastic anchor fittings
- Demolition work in buildings
- Fill work with two-way digger
- Snow and ice clearance for the DB AG
- Maintenance work on tracks and switches
- Planning services
- New developments

Renewal of switches at Kassel's
main station.

Track construction work
Ramholz tunnel

Roadbed and track work at the
WE station in Gruiten