2009 A year packed with questions

The global economic downturn has of course also paid a visit to the German track construction industry. 2009 is likely to see a fall in turnover. The company does however foresee a positive company result at the end of this year thanks to its wide product range and diverse overseas activities. That is why the company plans to invest in further takeovers.
2008 showed that small and flexible stakes in companies like RIO, BSL, and SBR can achieve good results on the market if a lean structure is warranted.

Welcome to the Martin Rose Gleisbau company

27.10.08 | Article from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 12 October 2008, No. 41

"This has become normality" comments the former ambassador Volker Seitz on foreign aid, investors, waiting in line, and strong women in Africa.

06.06.2007 | HNA
Issue: Hessen
Resort: Economy

The Rose company is on the move around the globe. The track construction specialist Rose has become an internationally active company.

9/2008 Baugewerbe | Market chances overseas 
A business field well worthwhile (Article pages 1-4)

Working on foreign construction projects is definitely not suited for every kind of German construction company. Those successful overseas profit from "making really good money." The construction industry associations in Düsseldorf have been helping medium-sized companies to get their foot in the door when it comes to getting involved in construction work overseas.

Occupational qualification measures for the local workforce working for both SITRAFER S.A. and Martin Rose Gleisbau GmbH & Co. KG in Cameroon conducted by Fritz Reimers (third from left). Article page 1.

Market chances overseas (Article page 2)

Market chances overseas (Article page 3)

Market chances overseas (Article page 4)

2008 marked a successful year in Romania

2008 was the most successful year since the start of construction activities in Romania in 2002. Between 2003-2007 work on 40 kms of intra-urban track construction commenced in Timisoara; more than 5 million €/p.a. of turnover were generated. Turnover figures for the projects in Iasi and Bucharest rose to more then 20 million Euros in 2008. Orders on hand in 2009 already add up to more than 10 million Euros, this could therefore result in another successful year.

Modernization of the tram network of the city of Timisoara Photo documentation

Track construction work and
training in Cameroon Oct/Nov 2008