Welcome to the Martin Rose Gleisbau company

In the course of the last five decades the Martin Rose company has proven its service capability in the field of track construction through the technically qualified construction work it has delivered for the most complicated and complex of operating sequences nationwide. Our activities also have international representation, and this for more than a decade now. The Martin Rose company has a modern and efficient fleet of machines with the respective operating staff, so that meeting our customer's high requirements is no problem at all.

Our company has been certified by the DQS and according to DIN ISO 9001:2015, and this for eight years.

We have been pre-qualified, in line with the implementation of the pre-qualification procedure at the Deutsche Bahn AG, for the product categories: "switches" (roadbed and tracks)
and "track construction" (roadbed and tracks)
and within conduction speed I for tracks and switches (high speed traffic). We are listed under the following registration number: 2007-10200097.

Here a look at some of our customers:

Deutsche Bahn AG

Public transportation services:
- Kasseler Verkehrsbetriebe
- Braunschweiger Verkehrsbetriebe
- MVB Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe
- VGF Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt
- WLE Westfälischen Landeseisenbahn
- Rheinbahn AG Düsseldorf
- Stadtbahn Saarbrücken

Private companies:
- Bremer AG
- Volkswagen Werk
- Kali + Salz Kali AG
- Hackländer
- Bombardier Transportation

International customers:
- R.A.T.T. Timisoara (Romania)
- R.A.T.B. Bukarest  (Romania)
- Iasi Municipality  (Romania)
- Camrail            (Cameroon)